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“Is it ever the right choice?
Does the devil ever struggle to be good again, or if so is he not a devil?”

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all the kitties i made yesterday, starring milo(blue), icepelt(white with blue), and icestar(black)! im very happy that they are stackable


i was sewing cats and i made milo!

eeyy yo so im gonna like hiatus from tumblr or something dunno when ill get back on there might be inbetween posts about dragons or art or something but idk ill also be kinda active on this blog but only to post my comic stuff

if anyone at any time is curious about how im doing my skype is univancaranasanvirmanasar hit me up

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Alcohol vs marijuana

  • anime character: kuso!
  • fansubs: god fucking damn piss shit cock sucking son of a bitch bastard ass!!!!!!!!!
  • official translation: oh darn!
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Raven’s mom knows what’s up







Impersonating the people you see everyday (x)

Number four is the most accurate thing in the world

Oh my goodness number seven

number two is accurate as fuck

These are the most accurate things I have ever seen

I wasn’t even watching just listening and the last one just caught me by surprise holy shit XD


so basically things will be the same, but I’ll actually have the money I’m spending